OpenTalks #49




题目:Inequity, coloniality, and resistance in social psychological research production in the Arab region and the Global South


分享嘉宾:Rim Saab, University of Sussex

Rim Saab is a Lebanese social psychologist interested in intergroup relations, particularly collective action, both in and outside the Arab region. She is also interested in meta-scientific issues in psychology, especially underrepresented populations and global power dynamics impacting research production and publication. After working at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon for several years, she recently relocated to the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.


Modern systems of knowledge production reinforce inequalities and coloniality (epistemological imperialism), especially in the Global South. In this talk, I will first present evidence on some of the challenges and structural disadvantages faced by social psychologists outside the Global North. I will then zoom in to explore some of these issues in the Arab region. Throughout, I will also present some evidence of resistance to coloniality.

In the first part, I delve into a recent investigation my co-authors and I conducted to examine how such processes may manifest in contemporary social psychology. In a survey of social psychologists in 64 countries (N = 232), we examined challenges and structural disadvantages that social psychologists in the Global North, the Global South and South & Eastern Europe experience in the production and publication of research in the international literature. We found that participants from all regions, but most prominently outside the Global North, reported biases, under-representation, lack of relevance, and structural disadvantages in international mainstream publication. The same pattern replicated for disadvantages in research production; participants globally but particularly outside the Global North highlighted inadequate material and human capital, inefficient and biased institutional policies and incentive structures, lack of public respect and valuation of the discipline, and restricted freedom in research topic selection. Importantly, participants offered mainly systemic attributions for these and other disadvantages. In the second part, I will present evidence on some of the challenges that social psychologists face in producing research in the Arab region. This will be based on two reviews of recent social psychological research published on the Arab region in Arabic and in English. Finally, I will showcase examples of recent social psychological projects I have been involved in, which attempt to counter this coloniality.


  • 北京时间[GMT+8] 11月30日(周三) 19:00~20:00
  • 欧洲中部时间[CEST] 11月30日(周三) 12:00~13:00
  • 美国东部时间[EDT] 11月30日(周三) 6:00~7:00

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主持人:胡传鹏 (博士),南京师范大学



COSN 学术策划小组

张晗(博士), A*STAR, Singapore

张磊(博士), University of Vienna, Austria

楊毓芳(博士), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

杨金骉, MPI Psycholinguistics, the Netherlands

徐婷(博士), Child Mind Institute, USA

肖钦予, University of Vienna, Austria

刘泉影(博士), 南方科技大学

王鑫迪(博士), 北京慧脑云

王庆(博士), 上海精神卫生中心

金淑娴, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

金海洋(博士), New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

胡传鹏(博士), 南京师范大学

葛鉴桥 (博士), 北京大学

高梦宇(博士), 北京师范大学

耿海洋(博士), 天桥脑科学研究院

陈志毅(博士), 第三军医大学

陈妍秀(博士), 中科院心理所

陈骥(博士), 浙江大学

曹淼(博士), 北京大学


张文昊(UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA)


张磊(University of Vienna, AUT)


徐婷(Child Mind Institute, USA)


滕相斌(MPI for Human Development, DEU)




邸新(New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)